Wednesday, September 9, 2009

About Captain Quack Sparrow

Recently, I've had to share my room with an interesting and very odd guest, a pirate. He seems like a decent person, especially considering his occupation. He calls himself Quack Sparrow, and says that he captains of The Gryphon, a brigantine style ship. He often speaks of all the adventures that his crew and he had, and quite a few seem quite farfetched. He claims that his crew fought the infamous kraken, as well as other mythical beasts. I don't admit to him that I don't believe his stories for fear that I might be "keelhauled." Really, I shouldn't worry; Captain Quack doesn't seem to act like a pirate at all.

The common stereotype of pirates states that they are stinky, angry, greedy, ruthless, brigands. However, the captain doesn't fit that description. He washes nearly religiously, and uses almost an entire bottle of my body wash every time. He keeps his cool constantly, and this calm seems unbreakable. However, he comes out of his tranquil state when challenged to a contest of sorts. Anything really will bring out his competitive side. He rejoices when winning, and would rather die than lose. Captain Quack behaves in an altruistic way. He avoids plundering towns and merchant ships, and focuses on mythical treasures and other pirates. Not only does he target these sea-thieves' ships, but he also chooses the worst of the worst to attack. Then he doesn't take the treasure as his own, but he attempts to return the loot to its rightful owner. He is a very greedy pirate isn't he? Captain Quack Sparrow became a pirate for lack of a better word; really, he conducts himself more like a vigilante. Captain Quack always gives his victims the opportunity to go peacefully, and never rushes needlessly into a fight. He conducts himself very much unlike the vulgar prejudice, no?

People say to never judge a book by its cover, and that cannot be truer in this case. Pirates do not behave decently, and the captain shouldn't be excused from that fact. However, Quack Sparrow's tale cannot be described as normal. I have presented one mere facet of Captain Quack Sparrow's personality, and have not even begun on his story. However, in due time, his tale will unfold, reveal its mysteries, and make his life fully known.

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