Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures of a Great Depression

The "Migrant Mother" photos by Dorothea Lange capture the heart and soul of what the Great Depression was; the Depression was a time of major strain on the American spirit, as well as a period of desperation for the American people (especially people affected by the Dust Bowl as well). These pictures evoke such pity for this woman and her family as well. I pray that they did indeed survive the Depression.

Based off of the pictures, Of Mice and Men, and other sources, the Great Depression was not exactly the best time to be alive. People frequently lost every possession they owned and were forced to move elsewhere to find work. In fact, many people moved to California, where work was promised. However, upon arriving this statement was proven false, for the people met sights such as this following sign.

This sign clearly illustrates that despite the requests for more workers, places in the west did not actually have the jobs promised. This ironically let many people down, possibly plunging them into the despondence of a mental great depression.

From the book, Of Mice and Men, one could assume that places between the east and west did not experience this deficit of occupations. According to the novel, people entered various farms and simply moved on after a few days, allowing many positions to be vacant and claimable. After all, other workers tell George of the migrants that simply spend the night claiming to work and leave at their first opportunity.

The sheer apathy these people held for the job that they posessed for a few days ignites the indignation inside me. When people are marching on the way to California, these people have the nerve to recklessly abandon an occupation, and one that provides room and board such as this? How dare they! When people are starving in the streets, they have the indifference to just simply walk away from a paying occupation? What selfish fools! But I must digress before I allow my anger to boil into a frenzied rage. Still, I do not understand what these people were thinking.

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