Friday, October 15, 2010

Reading Reflection

For the last nine weeks, my independent reading has reopended my eyes to good books. Prior to this period of time I could never find any good books, but after reading Nineteen Minutes and The Hunger Games I realize that some good series and authors do still exist. This has begun to increase the sheer volume of the books I read, as well as the amount of time I spend doing this enjoyable activity. This, upon becoming a habit, has begun to help me dig deeper and understand certain aspects of texts better. For instance I doubt if I could have ever noticed the pun in Peeta's name. Peeta, the baker's son -peeta bread, unleavened bread.

"Inking my thinking" does indeep help me figure out the text and pull more out than ever before. Had I not, perhaps the complexity of BNW and the names therein would have eluded me, for I would never had really been forced to think about the purpose of their names. Also Huxley's use of pneumatic definately would have.

Next sememster I hope not to read a book in the last two weeks, and also improve the speed and depth of my reading even further. Finishing the "The Hunger Games" series would help quite a bit, as well as finishing old series that I am interested in, such as the Inheritance Cycle, and the Left Behind series. Overall, this quarter's reading has been quite nice, far better than bearable for a change. I must say, I'm looking forward to more excellent books.

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  1. It's funny: when we get out of the habit of reading, we forget how enjoyable it can be. If you'd liked The Hunger Games series (you absolutely must finish the series!), I bet you'd love Mortal Instruments series--City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass are the first three (not sure that's the right order), and the prequel, Clockwork Angel, just came out. There are three more coming.