Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Look Everybody, Another False Hope!

As I browsed through Alzheimer's information, I stumbled upon a link stating,

"There Is Hope For Alzheimers! Learn
What Your Dr. Isn't Telling You."

The link leads to this site, very helpful huh? I guess maybe the over-capitalization should have given it away, as well as the fact that it is promoting help for ALZHEIMER'S, not Alzheimer's VICTIMS. (And yes, they left out the apostrophe too.)

For my readers not familiar with the topic of today's rant, Alzheimer's is a degenerative brain disease, which first destroys a victim's memories, then spreads to other parts of the brain, such as learning focused parts and language understanding/speaking parts, and finally kills the parts responsible for breathing, or swallowing, whatever comes first. Oh, and despite what this ad may want you to believe, there is not cure, nor any true treatments. In fact, the current "treatments" focus on delaying the spread of neural death, and eventually they are completely ineffective anyway.

So why would an ad claim such a ludicrous statement? Well apparently they just want people to check out their page, and buy some so-called "treatments" that they link to. Or maybe they want us to try this game that "boosts memory and cognition" for free... and then pay a price to access it. Or maybe access to this site offering MORE links, one of which allows access to a FREE (WOO, MORE FREEBIES!) book, detailing, "Alzheimer's Breakthrough SOLUTIONS of the Past Four Years." Oh, and they admit that a "reputable" Disability and Law firm wrote it. They claim to have come across all of the miraculous information while defending their clients, but really, why would a lawyer come across miracle treatments when defending someone, and moreover what would prevent the average Joe from finding these same cures when actually desperately searching for them? And these two people, perhaps of the law firm, perhaps not, and "giving" it away for free as an e-book. So since when are lawyers keen on super-rare, supposedly non-existent scientific studies? And I am not even starting on the legalities of the dispensing, especially considering they state that the book is a "$97 value." Italic

Hmm, so why have we not figured out virtually ANYTHING about Alzheimer's disease? Maybe it is because people waste their money following empty promises that lead to nothing but pain and misfortune for the buyer, and some cash in the pocket of the liar in charge of whatever site they chose to buy from. If we, as a human population, will ever find anything else out about this terrible disease, it must be soon. After all, according to this truly reputable site, by 2020 there will be over 42.3 million cases world-wide. In other words, we had better get going ASAP, or over 42.3 million people will die an avoidable death, for Alzheimer's is always fatal. Unfortunately, according to this trustworthy site, funding dropped 36% two years ago, and has yet to climb much from that point. I bet that if people would stop wasting their money with misleading treatments and lying books, and instead donated that money to a research fund, that 36% loss would disappear, and more funding would be present than ever before. I admit, I have no research to support this assertion, but logic itself dictates the truth in my words, so if you ever come across such a selfish, lie-ridden, self-serving site, remember my indignation, and please do not support them.

DISCLAIMER: The drugs do delay the disease's conquest of a patient's brain, and I understand why someone would buy them. However, seeking a miracle drug and buying them instead is wrong, and some of the sites seemed designed to confuse their product with a miracle drug. Those are the times I mean what I say in the above post, not if the person is in full knowledge of the true effects.

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  1. When we're desperate, we humans often latch on to any inkling of hope. Sadly, there are always those ready to take advantage of our desperation, to supply us with snake oil--for just $19.95.