Sunday, December 13, 2009

About True Leaders

Around the world there are many leaders, from the rulers of countries to the most humble community service organization's director. Some gained their position by simply being the most logical choice, whereas others gained their position of power by sheer force. Probably many of them do not deserve their authority and a suitable successor needs to take action. But what qualities make a leader a true leader? What makes a leader great? Qualities such as leadership abilities, a desire to serve, and a want to improve upon their predecessor's work always seem to be present in true leaders.

A leader without leadership skills will soon be either a leader without followers, or a follower of another leader. No one wants to follow someone that cannot lead. Leaders must be firm in their decisions, and look at the good of the whole instead of the good of just a select group. Should some fickle, biased person find them self with people under their command, their unsure commands and favoritism will soon cause dissent among their lackeys, which will then lead to mutinous behavior or desertion. Either way, a leader without the skills necessary to lead will eventually end up losing his or her position.

A leader must make decisions for a whole group, and typically there are many different opinions within a group. The leader must humble him or herself and look at the repercussions of any and every possibility before deciding on any particular action. Many times this decision effects the populous directly, sometimes being a possible way to improve their lives. In order to make this decision effectively, he or she must listen to the different opinions of their group, then choose the action. By listening to the common people and enacting plans to assist them, a leader essentially serves them.

Whenever the time comes to pass on the torch, expectations are made. Everyone expects the new leader to take the reins and to build upon their predecessor's success, or to patch everything up after a bad leader's rein. A true leader will intend to bring a golden age to their organization, country, etc., and thus fulfill their expectations. Should a half-baked person step up to the plate and claim power, they typically will tear down whatever their predecessors had made, good or bad. Unfortunately, this tears down the good more than the bad typically.

Of the many leaders that have ever existed across this world, the vast majority have not been true leaders. However, their counterparts, the good leaders, have more than made up for their unworthiness. Otherwise, the world would be in a state of anarchy. But even good leaders sometimes are not good enough, and in that case a true leader becomes necessary. True leaders usher in a golden age, and given enough in a row, the ability to maintain their prosperity.

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