Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All About December

The month of joy and giving finally has come upon us! December has finally arrived! From now until my family arrives, ever spare minute will be used making the house absolutely perfect and setting the season's usual decorations; Which, for my family, is merely a tree and some wreaths. This December actually snuck up on me this year, quite literally. Actually, in Spanish II on the first, my group was talking, and I randomly blurted out, "Dude, it's December!" I don't believe anybody paid me any attention because a few minutes later another group member mimicked my statement to a T.

Unfortunately, December also means semester tests, and everything we have done culminating onto last couple weeks of the semester, just like the last week of the last nine weeks. That week was crazy: We had tests, papers, and other massive assignments coupled with Homecoming that Friday. I actually procrastinated to do everything possible that week, (even get a date for Homecoming. I was unsuccessful and actually could not even go to the dance) and definately regretted my decision. After all, having to write and post multiple blog posts, study for tests, publish lab write-ups for biology, and finish many other important assignments really puts the stress on someone. Perhaps had I put first things first and done my assignments in a timely manner, the week would have been like any other week. I will be sure to do everything before the last moment this time, before it is too late again.

Many people tell me that I am very strange for this, but I love the cold. Therefore, winter is my favorite season. Perhaps the snow deserves credit for holding my interest. Maybe the fact that I hate sweating deserves some mention. All in all, for some odd reason and against the usual oppinion of the populous, I enjoy winter more than any other season, and because December basically begins winter, our twenth month appears to be the best one.

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