Friday, April 30, 2010

My Cross-Examination

In places from courtrooms to classrooms to household the world over, cross-examination occurs time and time again. Lawyers, teachers, and parents all wonder why in the world some sort of event has occurred and try to extract the explanation from an unlucky victim through any method, no matter how painful or embarrassing. I myself often have to endure cross-examination by the final mention of the said list, or by a certain friend that must enjoy playing mother hen, over a variety of topics, many of which, I am sad to say, I do not understand the gravity that they seem to see.

One such example of my parent's unnecessary interrogation of my life revolves around my schoolwork. I understand their concern and the fact that they would like me to excel, but asking me every single day how I did on a quiz or a test or a project can become a bit much. Especially if I took the test or quiz or did the presentation that day, in which case I have no clue as to how I fared. My casual, "I did well, I suppose," never cuts it either, and always heralds the explanation, "I just took/did the (insert graded work name here) today, I believe that I did quite well, but I don't know my grade, so I cannot be one-hundred percent certain of anything." However, I fear that I should get off this topic before a rant suddenly appears before me.

Another cross-examiner happens to be a very close friend of mine, whose name I shall not mention for her sake. She claims that I have a gambling addiction, which I do not, and constantly nags and gripes about how I am going to gamble all of my money away. This will not happen of course because I do not gamble and I do not plan to. I just happen to love card games... and bets... but not the two combined! Moreover I never bet money, so I am pretty much safe. I appreciate my friend's concern, no matter how unnecessary, but she should not worry about me, such an act surely is bad for her health!

Despite the fact that I mentioned earlier that I did not understand why such topics held such importance to my friends and family, now, after writing this post, a new ray of light has been shown on their arguments. I suppose that all they do is care of my well-being, my future, and in my friend's case, my wallet. Hmm... I wonder if she has some ulterior motives there... (I am kidding, she would not.) Either way though, cross-examinations can have varied results on me, although the results typically benefit all parties.

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