Sunday, April 18, 2010

Regarding Celebration

In places the world over various people celebrate an equally diverse myriad of occasions. Some celebrate national holidays such as Arbor day or Memorial day whereas others celebrate church occasions such as Christmas or Buddha's birthday. Others celebrate more personal events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Some athletes celebrate their victory over others in their respective events. However, most people celebrate some combination of these, and I, falling in the category of most people this time, celebrate a conglomerate of these.

Among the multitude of events that I celebrate there are many birthdays, my own naturally, but also my friends' and family's. Some people I know celebrate just the fact that they are alive each and every day in some small way, which I can see why I suppose. I do not really celebrate each new day, but I do have an appreciation for each one.

Although some national holidays I do not understand the point of, such as Arbor day, I celebrate quite a few of them. Among those are ones considered church holidays like Christmas and Easter as well as strictly national ones such as Independence day. I suppose that you could say that I celebrate all these holidays in a normal manner, with presenting gifts and a dinner on Christmas, a nice dinner on Easter, and fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Prior to yesterday, I had no reason to celebrate any anniversaries unless one were to count a birthday as an anniversary of the day of a birth. But either way, as of yesterday, I actually have a reason to celebrate an anniversary, because in 364 days, if nothing goes wrong, one year will have passed from the day that Katelyn and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. So... Here's hoping for a great almost-year!

To be blunt, I would be hard pressed to find a person that literally celebrates nothing. I mean we all have to celebrate something sometime, I hope. Without any celebration there would be no joy, nor any excitement. Such a bland world would be such a burden to live in, and a pathetic existence would probably be the only destiny to be manifested in us. However, fortunately we do not live in such a bland world. Our world possesses the joy, excitement, and love that such a bland place does not. And we display all three in acts of celebration, which make life so much more livable.