Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's an Adventure and an Experience!

As of late, products have been advertised as if they offer some sort of experience or adventure involved with them. Below is a perfect example.

Do I have any doubt that driving this truck through a vast desert with no speed limit would be extremely fun? NO WAY! But would the consumer that bought this ever get that opportunity? Probably not. Presenting that opportunity to the consumer has become a prevalent advertising technique, as people have begun spending less on material objects and more on experience. Though some may call this technique underhanded and possibly subliminal, a sort of carrot dangling before the eyes of a hungry rabbit, I see this as a clever way to entice a customer by showing the potential of their new vehicle. I mean while driving like a man-on-the-run through the desert is not likely (nor wise if someone is a man on the run; dust trails people, dust trails), similar adventures, or misadventures, such as mudding or other off road driving is probably readily available. At least the consumer can haul a boat or something behind it to a lake, and have a wonderful time there. Either way though, it's rather impressive how producers--or at least sellers--can read the public and advertise to fit their current interests.

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