Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Read Literature like a Professor Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

5 Quest Elements

Quester: Harry Potter

Destination: The boat house on the Hobgwarts grounds.

Goal: Kill Nagini, Voldemort’s snake and supposedly final horcrux.

Challenges and Trials: Aside from the difficulties traversing through the magical battleground Hogwarts had become, upon nearing the boathouse, Harry and his accomplices overhear Voldemort talking to Snape. Deciding it best not to face them both simultaneously—not to mention the possible profitability of eavesdropping—the group sits outside and listens. Then, Voldemort suddenly fatally wounds Snape, yammering on about how the Elder Wand would not listen to him unless he did so. Voldemort then disapparates, leaving the trio’s journey fruitless… except for a tear Harry collects from Snape as commanded in his final words.

True Reason of the Quest: The tear reveals many details of Snape’s life (after being placed in Dumbledore’s pensieve), many about Harry’s mother. As awkward as these moments were, others revealed just how much Snape did care for Harry, contrary to Harry’s belief. However, most importantly, Harry learns why he can speak Parseltongue, invade Voldemort’s thoughts, etc. When Harry’s mother died, and Voldemort’s curse backfired, causing him to die, Harry became a horcrux himself. Therefore, Harry had to die BEFORE Voldemort did! Considering he was about to enter a final confrontation with his nemesis, this was a crucial bit of information to avoid all his efforts being for naught.

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