Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Read Literature like a Professor Assignment 4

Potential Christ Figure?

Cole MacGrath, hero (or anti-hero depending on how events progress) of the inFamous series, fits the Christ Figure requirements incredibly well. Following is a list that corresponds with the one given in How to Read Literature like a Professor featuring explanation of the qualities he does present.

1. Though not crucified, he willingly died from an energy explosion which eradicated a certain type of radiation that was poisoning millions of people, and would eventually kill them.

2. He endured a huge blast that scorched his body, but gave him the power to control electricity. His best friend betrayed him (Judas character?). The love of his life was murdered, and he supposedly had the opportunity to save her which only makes the pain worse.

3. See number one.

4. There is no evidence to support or refute this, but he did want kids eventually…

5. Probably not.

6. He is in his late twenties, early thirties. He graduated high school, dropped out of college, and became a bike courier. That would land him in his twenties and after a few years of couriering, he would be around 33 years old.

7. Not a carpenter, but a humble profession, as previously stated.

8. He walks, runs, or bikes. Pretty humble if you ask me.

9. No—he can’t even touch water without electricity arcing everwhere…

10. Actually, yes. Whenever he is completing a circuit to restore power to part of the city, or absorbing a blast core (I know, this makes no sense), he does have his arms outstretched.

11. Not really.

12. Not the devil exactly, but he is presented with situations where he is tempted by an inner voice to behave selfishly at the extreme cost of others or to behave nobly and sacrifice something for the sake of others. The most basic of these choices presents itself near the beginning. He has the choice to take all the food dropped in the city (it’s in a lockdown because a plague has broken out within) for himself and his friends or to allow other inhabitants to have a share. Many such situations present themselves to Cole.

13. No… Last seen in the company of friends.

14. No—more like smart-alecky comments.

15. Unsure, he was going to be buried at sea, but lightning struck the boat he was in. I sure hope this one is true. On a side note, I think it had been two or three days since his death...

16. He did not have disciples exactly, but friends who followed him on his adventures, when possible.

17. Cole had a temper, but he did forgive Zeke, his best friend who betrayed him. He also forgave Kuo, another friend who turned against him. I suppose he was very forgiving of his friends. Others, however, not so much.

18. Again, sort of. As I said, in the end he sacrificed himself for the good of mankind. He did not come to do this, but in the end he took up the task.

The following reasons are not given in the book but require consideration

1. Cole has the power to heal people.

2. His ultimate opponent is a being known as “The Beast.”

3. He was not married.

4. As previously mentioned, his best friend (who could be considered a follower) betrays him.

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